Fleetwood Mac Parody of "Oh Well" ---------------------------------------MP3

143 (AC/DC parody of TNT) for Sal ------------------------------------------MP3

Black Titties (Black Betty Parody) -------------------------------------------MP3

Big n Brown (Beatles Parody of "I'm Down") ----------------------------MP3

Lisa G aint no 32C (AC/DC Parody of "Dirty Deeds") ----------------MP3

Double Ds (Let it Be Parody)---------------------------------------------------MP3

We gotta see Robin Naked (Twisted Sister Parody)-------------------MP3

Big and Black (AC/DC parody) for Robin----------------------------------MP3

Your ass is beautifull Lisa G. (Joe Cockher Parody)------------------MP3

Squeeze Together (Beatles Parody of "Come Togther") -------------MP3

Sal's a Gay Papa -------------------------------------------------------------------MP3

Mystery Shit on the Floor (Beatles Parody) ------------------------------MP3

Robin Show Your Tits ("Love the One Your With") Parody ---------MP3

Robin Show your Big Ole Boobs (Rick Derringer Parody) ----------MP3

Sal Dont Cry (Guns n Roses Parody) ---------------------------------------MP3

Brown Nipples (John Mellencamp parody of "Pink Houses") ------MP3

Big Juicy Ass (Springsteen Parody of "Pink Cadillac") ---------------MP3

Cock N Balls all Nite (Kiss Parody) for High Pitch Mike ---------------MP3

Two Foot Nightmare (Alice Cooper Parody) for Eric the Midget ----MP3

Houseguest from Hell (AC/DC Parody) --------------------------------------MP3

Blackboobs (Beatles Parody of "Blackbird") ------------------------------MP3

Nice Boobs (Bob Seger Parody) ------------------------------------------------MP3

Headfull of Rock n Roll (BD original featured 8/19/08) ------------------MP3

Scoresman (Bleeding Deacons with Ronnie Mund) ----------------------MP3

Jason's Gay (Bruce Springsteen Parody) ------------------------------------MP3

Big Brown Cans (ZZ Top Parody) -----------------------------------------------MP3

Sweet Beef Curtains (Rolling Stones Parody)-------------------------------MP3

BD's Kenneth Keith Kallenbach Tribute R.I.P. (Elton John Parody) MP3

Artie's Laugh (BD original) Duet w/Artie---------------------------------------MP3

Hard Days Night (Beatles Parody) ----------------------------------------------MP3

Sal n Richard are queer (Pink Floyd Parody) --------------------------------MP3

Richard is a Cock Sucker (Ramones Parody) -------------------------------MP3

Sal is Gay (Happy Days Theme) -------------------------------------------------MP3

Gay Papa (Mark Harris Cover) ----------------------------------------------------MP3

Sal's a Gay Papa (Ballad version) -----------------------------------------------MP3

Sal's a Gay Papa (Classic Rock version) -------------------------------------MP3

Miss Tranny Howard Stern Theme ----------------------------------------------MP3

Miss Post OP Tranny Howard Stern Theme ---------------------------------MP3

Boots takes Cock ("Blitzkrieg Bop" Parody) --------------------------------MP3

When I see Beth smiling (BD version) R.I.P. Lonny-----------------------MP3

How Sweet it is (to be Loved by You) Parody BD and LM --------------MP3

Feel Your Jugs (Still the One Parody) BD w/Little Mikey ---------------MP3

Robin's Vagine (Signs Parody) BD with Little Mikey --------------------MP3

Is She Really Going Out With Him Parody - BD and LM ----------------MP3

Something to Talk About Parody - BD with Little Mikey ----------------MP3

She Talks to Angels Parody - BD with Little Mikey ----------------------MP3

I Wanna be Sedated Parody - BD with Little Mikey ----------------------MP3

Addicted to Love Parody - BD with Little Mikey --------------------------MP3

We are the World Parody - BD with Little Mikey -------------------------MP3